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Nova Women in Business is an academic club based at Nova School of Business and Economics, that targets the existing gender gap in our society, specifically focusing on the business and academic world. In order to bring awareness and consciousness towards the issue of gender inequality, we engage with the university community by promoting events and discussions surrounding the need for positive change, as well as focus on the personal and professional development of our members.  

Our club aims at empowering young women to embrace professional and personal challenges and helping them become future successful leaders. To do so, we call on people in the academic and corporate environment, to pay closer attention to gender diversity issues, developing initiatives such as workshops, debates, and field trips with the goal of educating towards a more inclusive future.

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The widened ideal that our club aims at promoting is gender equality, particularly when it comes to the academic and professional market that university students are soon to get acquainted with.


In order to do so, we believe that education is one of the most powerful and effective measures of achieving this long-run goal. Therefore, we are looking for interested and passionate individuals about these matters, that are willing to work as a team, to grow both as an individual and a member of the community.


Nova Women in Business allows members to voice their opinions on globally discussed topics, challenging while promoting events that not only benefit us but also others, and improve and educate in the sense that the team will be taking part in activities that enrich the academic environment.  


That being said, our mission is accomplished as we work in the direction of alerting and engaging the community in the fight for gender equality in both the academic and the professional scope.  

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Build your own luck!

Nova Women in Business was founded on March 8th of 2016, on the International Women’s day, at Nova School of Business and Economics, by a group of Masters and Bachelor students. It is one of the school’s most recent clubs.

At the time, this group of students saw the need for a movement like this to be born, given their wish for empowering young women to become future leaders and mitigating all forms of the gender gap in Portugal, starting to do so by providing university students and the community with the chance of getting to know more and discussing this subject. 

The club is a pioneering initiative in Portugal, inspired by international examples present at the London School of Economics and Political Science or at Harvard Business School.

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By organizing panels,  workshops, field trips, and networking sessions for the Nova School of Business and Economics community, as well as internal club meetings and discussions we promote the role of women within our society aiming for a diverse environment.

We closely work with NOVA SBE and HeForShe Portugal. 

Visit our Facebook page and Instagram to find out more!






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External Relations


Saima Aleem, Marta Everard, Jasmin Arian, Marta Tressoldi, Inês Gomes, Ana Luísa Silva

Jasmin Alimoradian, Linda Elberskirch, Jil Treutlein,  Franziska Lang, Bianca Steidle



Internal Affairs


Johanna Barthold, Carolin Vosdellen, Maren Keßler,  Julia Koch, Catarina Alves de Oliveira, Alexia Feick, Ana Sofia Simões


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NWiB was the first club of its kind in Portugal, but similar initiatives have been appearing in other Portuguese universities such as Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. If you share our ideals and would be interested in collaborating with us or simply feel like you could use our insights to help you start your own club/ initiative at your university, please feel free to contact us to discuss a possible partnership.

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To all genders 

To all nationalities 

To all religions 

To all ethnicities 

You are all welcome at NWiB!

Here, at Nova Women in Business, you will be able to meet like-minded people with whom you will develop team projects, and work towards the goal of educating students on the importance of equality of opportunity, education, and female empowerment in the corporate and academic world.


Therefore, if you are:

  • Interested and passionate about gender equality,

  • A motivated and critical individual

  • A dynamic and innovative team member

Then, our club is the perfect place for you to grow both as an individual and a member of the community!


Nova Women in Business will allow you to:

  • Get hands-on experience on events organization

  • Voice your opinion

  • Get great networking opportunities

  • Enhance soft skills to become your best self

What do we offer?

Internal affairs: At NWiB, we care deeply about the interaction and education of our members. The Internal Affairs Department organizes events, workshops, and meetings for the members of the club to strengthen the club community and to enable an exchange between the departments. In addition to further education, social events are not neglected and contribute significantly to our positive club atmosphere.

Marketing department: At NWiB marketing department we are working on increasing awareness of gender equality on social media, through the promotion of upcoming events and collaborations, communication of interesting facts, and impactful people. Our activities allow us to express our creativity and expand our knowledge in design, communications, and digital marketing.  

External relations: The External Relations Department organizes events and panel discussions that aim to bring awareness to topics related to gender equality in the business world. Our job consists of managing our network with companies and make them engage with the community through discussions in order to create more equal opportunities.

We embrace diversity! No matter course or age, man, woman or diverse, local or international student, you are all welcome to join!

Recruitment process (Spring 2021):

The recruitment process is open at the beginning of each semester to every Bachelor's and Master's student at Nova SBE. 

Due to the circumstances, we are currently living in, we have adapted our recruitment process and work environment, meaning that everything will be held online until the situation changes. 













     Application form 


We are looking forward to meeting you and growing together! 


Stay tuned for more information on Facebook and Instagram!



Contact us:

Adress: R. Holanda 21, Carcavelos



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